Article title

The article title is a definition of the research object. In exceptional cases, an indication of the research method can be added to the definition. In simple terms, a title is a concise but attractive and informative display of the content and topic of your work.

The use of verbs is excluded in the title of the article. The number of words in the title should not exceed 7-10 words. The title is given in Russian and English.

Please, do not include in the title:

  • words that indicate the research process (for example, analysis, research, study, application, search, definition, decision, calculation);
  • words that indicate the relevance (new, modern, current);
  • words indicating superiority (best, most / least profitable, optimal, most);
  • general introductory constructions and words (to the question of, in terms of some features, issues, problems);
  • abbreviations.

We kindly ask you to avoid the titles of a general nature. Your title, as well as the article, must be unique.