Development of a mechanism for adapting digital innovation potential of an organisation with allowance for peculiarities of digital innovation projects

Management of knowledge and innovation for sustainable development

This paper is devoted to the problem of forming the innovation potential of an organisation that implements digital innovation projects. The authors have developed a mechanism for adapting the digital innovation potential (DIP) of an enterprise to the strategic goals and objectives of its innovative development, taking into consideration the factors of the innovation climate and internal environment. The relevance of the study is rooted in the increasing dynamism, unpredictability, and turbulence of the external and internal environments of organisations and the high rate of implementation of advanced digital technologies. These changes should be reflected in enterprise management systems, including innovation management systems. Different types of digital technologies are characterised by specific factors of development and implementation. This determines the peculiarities in the formation of the innovation potential required to implement such projects, as well as the ambiguity of the number and composition of analytical indicators in its evaluation. The theoretical and methodological basis of the study were the publications of international and Russian authors devoted to the problems of adapting economic systems to the conditions of a dynamically changing environment, as well as the study of the essence, formation, and evaluation methods of the innovation and digital potential of an organisation. The paper presents the author’s interpretation of the concept of digital innovation potential. The authors substantiate the sequence of stages for identifying priority areas of adaptation and development of necessary measures for the formation of the target level of digital innovation potential, and propose a methodology that allows identifying key factors and determining the degree of influence for each of them. Based on the developed methodology, the most significant areas of adaptation of the digital innovation potential of an oil and gas enterprise during implementing the project of introducing virtual and augmented reality technologies were identified.