Modeling of production processes parameters of industrial enterprises

Enterprises and sustainable development of regions

Corporative industrial firms’ enterprises for organizationally-technical and economic measures on product competitiveness improvement realization require creating low-cost and resource-saving mechanisms. An important role in this mechanism is to allow for wide searching and systematic internal reserves to economize production, assessing and choosing variants of improving constructions, technologies, and ways to organize production. Identifying economically stimulating operators allows for firms to participate in measures and elaborations realization. Because of the role of economic analysis in production management growth, practical interest in these analysis methods is relevant at all management levels, from brigades to enterprise directors. A comprehensive information model of enterprise management tasks was formed. Statistical modelling of the production process parameters of industrial enterprises based on a single balance sheet model is characterized by system integration based on a single information base and software. The developed model makes it possible to assess the state of the production process of the enterprise and to increase the efficiency of using the results of economic analysis in the preparation and implementation of several levels of production plans, and, as a result, to increase the level of assessment of the realism of the implementation of the established production plans.